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  • Gain the skills

    To understand what your accountant and banker are looking for, impressing them with your financial knowledge.

  • Unlock Secrets

    How to use your cash wisely, ensuring you have enough funds for growth and success.

  • Simple Tips

    Of accurate financial forecasting, so you can plan ahead and secure the funding you need, when you need it.

  • Boost Your Profits,

    Master the essential financial ratios and metrics that will impress your banker and position your business for growth and success.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Why is it important to have a good relationship with a bank manager when running a business?

    A good relationship with a bank manager can be crucial for obtaining financing.

    Receiving favorable terms on loans, and getting personalized advice on financial products and services that suit your business needs.

  • How can I demonstrate financial responsibility to a bank manager?

    Demonstrate financial responsibility by maintaining accurate financial records, managing debts efficiently.

    Ensuring timely payments, and having a clear plan for the use and repayment of borrowed funds.

  • What are the key financial ratios a bank manager looks at?

    Bank managers often look at ratios like debt-to-equity, current ratio (liquidity), return on assets, and interest coverage ratio.

    These ratios help assess the financial health and credit-worthiness of a business.

  • How can I effectively communicate my business’s financial needs to a banker?

    Be clear, concise, and honest about your financial needs.

    Provide a solid business plan, financial statements, and forecasts that justify your funding requirements.

    Show how the finance will be used and the expected return on investment.

  • How important is it to have a contingency plan for financial management?

    Having a contingency plan is crucial.

    It shows your bank manager that you are prepared for unforeseen financial challenges and have strategies in place to manage cash flow and debt obligations under different scenarios.

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"I was impressed by the ease with which the concepts are explained and easily understood. The range of topics covered, and understood, in a very short period of time was astounding"

Lindsay Grace Chartered Accountant New Zealand

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