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    Achieve Financial Confidence, financial literacy for entrepreneurs made simple.

  • Financial literacy is essential

    For entrepreneurs.This course simplifies complex financial concepts, empowering you to manage your finances with confidence.

  • Empower Yourself for Effective Decision-Making.

    Gain the skills to interpret financial statements with confidence. This course equips you with the tools needed to make effective business decisions, helping you thrive in your career.

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    Grab hold of clear, actionable tips that will catapult your business forward, letting you move ahead faster than you ever imagined.

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Your Master Facilitator Peter Ho FCCA, ACIS

Fortune 500 International Financial Educator for 20 years.

Peter has shared the stage with world renowned speaker Tony Robbins and master marketer Jay Abraham.

Peter Ho was voted the most popular speaker at the National Achievers Conference in Singapore.

A master at simplifying the most complicated business concepts.

Peters ability to make business and accounting principles so easy to understand even your grandmother will know, how to manage any business increasing performance, profit and cash flow successfully.

A master facilitator using accelerated learning methods to increase your skills by as much as 600%

Discover What's In It for You.

Build Your Business with a Durable Competitive Advantage!

Unlock Business Success with Accounting Fundamentals.

Learn Business Finance Basics, Financial Literacy, and Budgeting for Beginners. Master Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheet Analysis, and Small Business Accounting. Explore Cash Flow Management and Budgeting Techniques. Boost Your Financial Knowledge for Informed Decision-Making. Start your journey towards financial mastery today!

Master Accounting Principles for Business Excellence!

Mastering Accounting Principles:

Your Path to Business Excellence "Go Beyond the Numbers"

Discover the secrets to business success with our comprehensive video course on accounting principles. Develop a deep understanding of key concepts and strategies to drive excellence in your business. Start your journey today and unlock the potential for financial growth and sustainability.

Building Your Businesses The Right Way Plan, Execute And Triumph!

Learn the essential steps to writing a business plan.

That drives growth and profitability. Discover a comprehensive business plan outline and understand how to structure your plan effectively. Explore the importance of a well-crafted business plan in attracting investors and securing funding. Start your entrepreneurial journey on a strong foundation with an effective business plan.

Financial Empowerment for Young Business Professionals, Please Your Banker and Thrive in Business!

Discover the Secrets to Wise Cash Usage and Business Financial Success.

Learn how to interpret financial statements, manage cash wisely, predict your financial needs, optimize accounts receivable, and avoid financial troubles in this comprehensive video course. Gain mastery over essential financial ratios and confidently communicate with accountants and bankers to secure the support your business needs to thrive.

Unlock the Secrets to Corporate Success, Master the Strategies That Will Catapult Your Career to New Heights!

Looking for ways to accelerate your career growth in the corporate world? Unlock the strategies for success. Learn how to master the skills needed to move ahead in your career and achieve new heights of success.

Accounting Uncomplicated,

Get Ahead in the Business Game!

Dive into Accounting 101 Master accounting basics, read a balance sheet, and grasp financial tutorials for beginners.

Demystify Accounting Jargon and Understand What Your Accountant is Talking About!

Dive into bookkeeping and double-entry basics, and understand balance sheets. Our tutorials simplify income and cash flow statements, along with the essence of debits and credits. Perfect for entrepreneurs seeking a small business accounting guide. Get the clarity you need on key accounting principles.

Don't Let Accounting Confusion

Hold You Back

Let's Talk Accounting, your ultimate guide to mastering business finances. Explore basic accounting concepts, demystify accounting jargon, and gain expertise in understanding financial statements. Boost your business financial literacy, navigate the essentials of financial language, and steer your decisions confidently with our intro to business finance.

Dominate Your Business World? Let Warren Buffett Be Your Guide!

Discover the secrets of Warren Buffet's management style.

Learn how to pick the right company, manage costs effectively, determine salaries, and come up with innovative ideas. With 26 short videos, this course provides actionable insights on moving up in your career and learning from missed opportunities.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Business Improvement to transform your business and achieve sustainable growth.

Unlock Business Success with Kaizen Principles and Methodology.

Foster Employee-Driven Improvement Ideas, Achieve Continuous Improvement in Leadership, and Master Kaizen Problem-Solving Techniques. Learn More Today.

Unlock the Secrets of Warren Buffet's Success, Learn How to Interpret Financial Statements like a Pro

Master Warren Buffetts financial analysis with our guide. Gain deep financial statement interpretation insights and apply Warren Buffett's business techniques for success.

How to build long-term wealth for your family and avoid common financial pitfalls.

Cash Flow The Key To Your Dreams, demystifies financial literacy, cash flow management, and budgeting tips. Learn debt reduction strategies, differentiate between investing and gambling, and grasp essential borrowing principles. Enhance your money management skills.

Unlock the power of financial analysis!

This friendly course guides you through the essentials of reading Balance Sheets, Cash Flow statements, and Profit & Loss reports.

Discover how to master financial ratios and make smart decisions. Ideal for anyone looking to get a grip on business finances without getting lost in complexity. Start your journey to financial savvy today!

Management Secrets to Ensure You Stand Out in the Corporate World.

Committed to making SUCCESSFUL business principles simple and easy to understand!

"I was impressed by the ease with which the concepts are explained and easily understood. The range of topics covered,in a very short period of time was astounding"

Lindsay Grace Chartered Accountant New Zealand

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Street Smart Business Skills University?

The Street Smart Business Skills University offers you courses designed to boost your business IQ.

Provide you with practical strategies for financial literacy, business management, and your career advancement.

How can financial literacy improve my personal financial situation?

Financial literacy helps you in creating a budget, understanding and managing debt, saving for future goals, and making sound informed investment decisions.

This knowledge leads you to better financial stability and personal independence.

What topics are covered in the courses?

The courses cover a range of topics including accounting fundamentals, financial literacy, business finance basics, budgeting, profit and loss statements,

balance sheet analysis, cash flow management, and small business accounting.

What are the benefits of the Street Smart Business Skills University courses?

Street Smart Business Skills University provides you with actionable tips for business success, enhance your financial knowledge, offer you strategies for avoiding common business pitfalls, and equip You with the skills needed to interpret financial statements and make solid informed decisions.

How does Warren Buffett approach financial decision-making and investment?

Warren Buffett's financial decision-making is data-driven and grounded in thorough analysis.

Warren looks for undervalued companies with strong potential, focusing on their intrinsic value rather than market speculation.

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